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Memories of Christmas Past

Ornament cut from a sea shell
An old fragile ornament and a newer more durable one.

Once again our Christmas tree has a few fragile ornaments on it. At one time, many years ago,we would have decorated our tree almost exclusively with fragile glass ornaments. But when our children arrived and began playing around our decorated tree, we gradually replaced the glass ornaments with more durable decorations, ones made of cloth, wood or metal. Now only one fragile ornament has survived from our years before children.

Many of the ornaments now on our tree tell a story about when we acquired them or who had crafted them making them far more endearing than the metal coated glass balls we once had.

Years before Lori and I had our first Christmas tree, my mother would caution my siblings and I especially when we handled a particular fragile glass golden heart that had been my mother’s favorite. Each December she would carefully hang it on an inner branch high above where little fingers might reach and each January we would carefully wrap and stow it away. I am confident that it held for my mother a story more precious than it looked.

We know the story of the shepherds and magi honoring Jesus birth because his mother Mary shared the treasure that she held in her heart.

What stories do your favorite ornaments tell? How will you share this treasure with your family?

But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.
– Luke 2:19 (NRSV)