Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

Be careful opening this book.

I opened it thinking I would read a few pages before going to sleep only to set it down nine hours later after reading all 369 pages.

Andy Weir successfully strings together plausible solutions to plausible problems of surviving after being stranded on Mars. Each solution stresses a habitability system beyond its original design only to result in a new potentially life ending problem. In addition to exploring human resourcefulness, in the face of nearly certain agonizing death, he also considers how other people would risk or advance their careers to save one person.

Weir uses good science and solid engineering throughout most of the book. Only in the final chapters does he allow the plot to rely on improbable solutions.

I am confident that you will also find The Martian by Andy Weir enjoyable and informative while shining a light on human capacity to survive and help one another.

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