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Whose end of the year review do you most enjoy? Every newspaper, many magazines, and most television news and commentary shows have a list of top stories for 2014. Some are narrowly defined to a particular segment: Best movies, people we have lost, top inventions, …

And as people of God we should also spend some time reviewing the previous year, not merely recounting what we did as in a congregation’s annual report, but considering where and how was God in all this?

We have seen the hand of God at work in medical breakthroughs (no one died of Ebola in these United States and researchers are zeroing in on a vaccine), at work in furthering peace and prosperity (the price of oil dropped helping many family budgets and drying up funds for terrorists), at work in our community (employment numbers have risen for 6 consecutive years and new stores are opening), and …

Many people will also set up new year resolutions: eat more vegetables and fewer sweets, exercise at least 30 minutes everyday, spend a few minutes reading the Bible or a book of devotions, and …

As people of God we should also declare a few hopes and prayers for the coming year:

  • that we will welcome new people to worship with us,
  • that we will find new opportunities to work with our neighbors, and
  • that God will find opportunities to use me fulfilling these hopes.

What are your hopes and dreams for the coming year?

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