A palm tree seen through many raindrops.The rain baptizes the earth, washing the dust of life from trees and bushes and from mosses underfoot, cleansing surfaces so life-giving light can more readily activate chlorophyll, producing sugars feeding these plants and those who eat them.

The waters of baptism wash the dust of life from our souls, cleansing our spirits to admit the life-giving light, activating our imaginations, feeding our ministry together.

Filling the Baptismal FontEach week I pour water into our baptismal font during the prayer of confession, reminding me and those present of promises made during baptism, by parents, by candidates, and by the congregation. Reminding us of God promise of newness of life, washing the dust of life from our souls, filling our spirits with Christ Jesus, the light of life.

Each week, after the benediction, I dip my hand into the water as a physical reminder of my baptism, of the cleansing of my soul, so that the light of life might shine in me and through me in the days ahead.

The flood waters, upon which Noah floated in an ark,
were like baptism that now saves you.
But baptism is more than just washing your body.
It means turning to God with a clear conscience,
because God raised Jesus Christ from death.

— 1 Peter 3:21

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