After Easter

Easter Surprise 2007
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Most of the Easter lilies have been taken home. The chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and candy eggs if not already eaten are not likely to last the week. The bright white tapestries and table runners  will stay up until Pentecost, nearly seven weeks from now, but after a flash to red, even they will also quietly return to the green of ordinary time. It is almost as if Easter had not happened.

The Apostle John records that after Easter the disciples returned to what they had done before Jesus had called them from fishing beside Galilee (see John 21:1-3). If was almost as if Jesus’ birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection had not happened.

Most of the year I wonder how to design worship to invite people to take a deep breath of the Holy Spirit that will sustain them for nearly 7 days until we meet for again. For Easter, I wonder what difference the resurrection makes the next 364 days.

A short answer: Wow! Everything he told us is true! Jesus really IS God’s Son.

The long answer: Today I get to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven: making disciples, baptizing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything Christ commanded us (see Matthew 28:19-20). The resurrection opens believers to risk physical life to love our neighbors.

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