As Valentine’s Day approaches merchants entice lovers with sparkly trinkets, luscious chocolates, and bright red flowers all designed to prove their love. But to draw closer to the one you love, come closer to God.

Basic human relationships form in triangles. A gift can form a third corner of a triangle with the lovers forming the other two. But since the gift cannot pull back, it forms a weak triangle. A mutual friend or family member might form the third corner, but people often  alter the shape of the triangle, pulling themselves in closer to one side or the other to distancing the remaining corner.

God - Lover - BelovedWhen God is at the apex of a relationship triangle, strengthening one’s relationship with God strengthens one’s relationship with those we love. The closer we draw near to God, the closer we can draw to others, for as we draw closer to God we appreciate God’s reconciliation with us despite our short comings, encouraging us to let go of past difficulties with those we love.

Interestingly, as one side draws closer to God, the other side also draws nearer to God, reducing the distance between the couple.

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.
James 4:8 (NRSV)


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