What’s in Your Wallet?

Emptying my wallet to photocopy all of my credit cards and identification cards got me thinking about what my wallet said about who I am.

A magazine article reminded me that more people become victims of identity theft by losing their wallet than by someone hacking into an on-line account. Photocopying both sides of my cards only took a few seconds, but considering what they said about who I am took longer to process.

In addition to the usual credit cards, driver’s license, discount cards, and health care cards I have some unusual things in my wallet. Since no one has asked me about my Presbytery membership, that identification card did not return to my wallet. I had run out of hearing aide batteries so I added a fresh pack. I doubt neither they are all that unusual. I suppose having a few band-aids would not say much about me other than I like to be prepared to help out.

I doubt many people carry a service for wholeness in their wallet. I suspect this card would set me apart even among clergy. This service includes anointing with oil, so the oil is on my key chain as a constant reminder to pray for and with other people.

Cross in wallet
What’s in Your Wallet?

But the most important thing in my wallet is kept in a zippered pocket so it will not accidentally slide out. It is a constant reminder not of who I am but whose I am. I hope that you also carry a similar reminder with you and that it influences all that you do, and would clearly mark you as special among all people.

It’s news I’m most proud to proclaim, this extraordinary Message of God’s powerful plan to rescue everyone who trusts him starting with Jews and then everyone else! – Romans 1:16 from The Message.

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