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I proposed video teleconferencing so congregations could connect with their coaches. To me, this would be a simple solution to higher gas prices and long distances separating coaches from congregations. But I was quickly reminded: “Some of our congregations do not even have phone service in their buildings.” “Some rural county libraries do not offer internet access.”

After much passionate discussion, the team tasked me with coordinating a series of workshops on equipping churches. Those workshops would:

  • Hosted in three or four locations within the Presbytery of Wabash Valley (northern Indiana);
  • Demonstrate the benefits of technology to congregations by:
    • linking with distant leaders or experts,
    • communicating with participants, and
    • promoting a congregation’s mission to their neighbors;
  • Allow a local internet service provider to present installation solutions and costs,
    • Each site would host one provider based on local coverage;
    • Limited display space could be provided for alternate providers;
  • Provide solutions for obtaining low-cost/free computers and software; and
  • Send attendees home with a new skill. Skills classes could include:
    • Using video teleconferencing tools: e.g. Skype or GoToMeeting;
    • Creating and maintaining a church website using WordPress;
    • Communicating with members via email (MailChimp, ConstantContact, …);
    • Using social media to promote mission (Twitter, Facebook, …).

How can you help us prepare these workshops?
What skill does your congregation’s leaders need to learn?

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