Useful Appications and Services

The following applications and services have facilitated my work and I hope they help yours.


This freely distributed productivity software suite satisfies general demands for Word processing, Spreadsheet calculations, Presentation development and display, Graphics, and Data Base management. Its file format conforms to international standards and it imports and exports to most other file formats including MicroSoft Office formats. The community of developers continually adds new features and capabilities.


This freely distributed Image Manipulation Program is great for occasional photograph editing and other drawing tasks.


Dropbox provides effortless backup of critical files with encryption or unencrypted to shared or to public folders. Any file copied or saved into a Dropbox folder on your computer is uploaded automatically to their servers for data protection or sharing.

For example, I save worship bulletins into a Dropbox folder that I shared with our church secretary, musician, and tech room. Any changes made by any of us are visible to all of us.

This is a free service for up to 2 Gigabytes of data.

Mail Chimp

Do you email newsletters? This service provides a convenient user interface to freely email  up to 1000 subscribers. Because images are sent separately, each message is small enough to be delivered to users still on dial-up.

Mail Chimp maintains your old newsletters so your readers can lookup back issues.


Need to get a diverse group of people together? Doodle provides a convenient poll to find the date and time when everyone can attend. This service can also be used for voting.

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