How to Frame a Pastor: A Novel


Pastor Ashley Greeley had longed to serve St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, a large urban congregation. But a body found in the women’s restroom during his interview and threats involving the flamboyant organist make Greeley anxious to leave.

One antagonist frames Rev. Greeley while another eliminates problem people.

Ashley and Joan long to consummate the relationship they had begun when they had worked together at Clarington, (see How to Fire a Pastor: A Novel) but allegations against Ashley interrupt their wedding plans.


Having prepared a storyboard for this book, I have begun writing the text.

Theological Issue

Theodicy: Since God is love, how do we reconcile the existence evil?

  • As Pastor Greeley’s interview concludes, a body is found in the women’s room at the church.
  • The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 gives Ashley and the congregation a better perspective on their problems.
  • An associate pastor is forced to marry to save her job.
  • When a member of the church staff is found dead, Greeley is framed with his murder.
  • By the end of the book, Pastor Greeley sees how God uses several events, although intended for evil, for a long term good.

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