The End of the Line?

Is this worthwhile?

As an interim pastor I learned to continually evaluate each ministry program asking: Why are we doing this? Is it building the Kingdom of God, or is this simply something we have always done?

Recently I have asked those questions about this blog.

Initially I started this blog as a personal exercise, to intentionally muse each week on the intersection of current events and Scripture. Along the way, the number of people viewing my entries via this blog rose to an average of 10 views per week, peaking in April of 2011 at 104 views. (28 on one day!) Since then the number of views has dropped to 3 times a week.

Starting this week I will be shifting my effort to encourage comments on my sermon notes which are posted each week at: Currently that blog generates about 200 hits/week. I will be adding tags to those entries to facilitate finding passages. I will also be adding entries for our contemporary worship service.

This blog was also being published via the weekly email from Christ Presbyterian Church. Starting this week, excerpts from my sermon notes will be distributed in that space.

Thank you for reading my reflections.
Yours in Christ, Robert

One thought on “The End of the Line?

  1. Rob,
    My visits to your blog site have reduced mainly because I get the content of the blog via automatic email. I am still reading your thoughts, but usually through email instead of at the site. I’ll check the church website now instead.

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