Rowing Against the Wind

Man in Whaler-style row boat makes his way row...
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Mark 6:48 When he saw that they were straining at the oars against an adverse wind, he came towards them early in the morning, walking on the sea. He intended to pass them by.

“Pray for salvation, but row towards shore.”

Many people add a tag-line below their signatures on email and forum postings. I had long admired a tag-line about praying and rowing below the signature of a prolific writer. And admired it even more when I learned that the writer lacked use of his arms.

I perceive that Jesus sees us straining in our work and in our ministry, knowing he could easily remove or lessen an obstacle to our progress, yet loves us for our straining. For the path of Christian discipleship is no easier than any other path, and occasionally it seems harder than some. Yet we strain to show our love for the grace we have received.

When has Jesus seen you straining at work or ministry?

2 thoughts on “Rowing Against the Wind

  1. Rob, I would call the “straining” faith. There’s a Jewish traditional thought that the Red Sea parted after the leaders took a step into the water. The strain is in getting past pride and doubt to faith that God will provide. After that it is easier.

  2. Thanks Robert. Every day offers challenges and strain. However, at the end of a strenuous day I can enjoy a good meal with my wife, relax and give thanks. Blessings to you.

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