Who Owns This?


Psalm 89:11 – The heavens are yours, the earth also is yours;
the world and all that is in it — you have founded them.

When I was a child, when a rival taunted me, I would have retreated to my yard, warning them not to trespass, I might have fled inside my house, considering it a fortress controlled by my family.

But one year water oozed across our yard from a spring in the corner of a neighbor’s yard. When our family and another neighbor channeled the water across our yards to flow into a drainage pipe I began to understand how our properties are interconnected.

The Psalmist orients our understanding of property away from a child’s understanding of “mine”, beyond the adult concept of interconnections, to one of divine stewardship. I do not own the house where I live, the yard atop where it stands (not even with the bank). Instead I get to hold this corner of the earth in trust from God.

How does acknowledging divine ownership change how we maintain our homes?

One thought on “Who Owns This?

  1. Another moving reflection, Robert. I, too, carry a metal cross in my wallet. I’ve had it for decades, and every time I look in the coin pocket in my wallet, I, too, am reminded of my Savior. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection.

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