A Lesson for December 15th

Christmas card by Louis Prang
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Mark 1:1The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Mark’s Gospel does not begin by detailing how Jesus was born, but with proclamation. In the original Greek manuscript, the word translated above as “good news” in Mark’s day had a broader meaning of announcing. Thus this passage marks the beginning of the announcing of Jesus Christ.

The ending of Mark’s Gospel highlights the importance of continuing to tell the good news of Jesus Christ. The oldest manuscripts end with the women fleeing from the tomb afraid to tell anyone what they had seen and heard. What it they had let fear keep them silent? What fears are keeping you silent?

The good news of Jesus Christ relies on our continuing to tell the story and to tell how each one of us has experienced this story as good news. We do this by sending Christmas cards and singing carols. We do this by supporting the needs of our neighbors and joining friends and family in worship of the Triune God.

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