A Lesson for November 3rd


Zephaniah 2:1 Gather together, gather, O shameless nation, 2 before you are driven away like the drifting chaff, …

Prophetic words for the day after a contentious election. “Gather together … before you are driven away like the drifting chaff.”

No matter which candidates you championed last week or voted for yesterday, no matter which candidates you vilified on Monday, today we must become one nation. Today we must act with grace and accept leadership from those who answered God’s call through the voice of the people.

As an officer of the United States Navy, I learned to look past personalities I may have disagreed with to the citizens behind them, and trust that God spoke through the slender majority who elected those leaders. Today I encourage each citizen to serve our neighbors by communicating opinions and learnings with our leaders, praying they will attend to God’s voice.

As the citizens of the United States of America become ever more diverse, we increasingly risk loosening the mutual affection that binds us together. As people of God, the Spirit calls us to be a light to the nation, demonstrating mutual affection that spans race and creed, seeing in one another gifts for that will benefit our union. The prophet warns us that if we fail to gather together we will be driven away like chaff upon the wind.

[For what its worth, this entry was composed October 25th, 2010, but could apply for the election 202 years ago or in 2012.]

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