All We Like Sheep

Perhaps I should have listened to or better even, sung George Fredrick Handle’s Messiah before writing my sermon this week.

On Sunday evening we heard the Florida Orchestra and Master Choral of Tampa Bay sing this amazing oratorio. Before the concert guest conductor, David Lockington, and the tenor soloist, Colin Balzer, answered a few questions about the performance.

Among their fascinating remarks Colin Balzer noted how the audience nearly dances in their seats while the choir sings: “Al…

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Unity in Diversity

“We’re not always this friendly to one another,” the councilman said to me as I sat down at their table this morning. He continued to explain that they frequently have strong arguments against one another as they battle enacting policies, regulations, and the city budget.

This morning a First Responders Breakfast sponsored by the local Women’s Club provided an opportunity for these six politicians to show their respect for one another despite their differences. This morning the five councilme…

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Lemon Stir Fry

A quick nutritious meal.

Makes 2 servings. Preparation time ~25 minutes.

1 1/2 cups

3/4 cup
long grain rice

1/2 tsp

1 tsp
olive oil

1 Tbsp
canola oil

1/2 cup
carrots, cut into short…

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Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

Be careful opening this book.

I opened it thinking I would read a few pages before going to sleep only to set it down nine hours later after reading all 369 pages.

Andy Weir successfully strings together plausible solutions to plausible problems of surviving after being stranded on Mars. Each solution stresses a habitability system beyond its original design only to result in a new potentially life ending problem. In addition to exploring human resourcefulness, in the face of nearly cert…

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I trust my weekly reflections has lifted and challenged your spirit.

For several months I have related these reflections to my sermon for the coming Sunday. More recently, including most of July and August, I have posted my weekly reflections both here and at the website for the congregationĀ I now serve, Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church. You can also access audio of the related sermons in those posts.

Beginning this week those reflections will only be posted on the church website. If you…

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Whenever I read the Bible I recognize intersections between my life and in the world around me. For nearly two years this blog captured some of the intersections that I recognized.

Bible Study

Take a look over my shoulder as I prepare this week’s sermon. Each week I prepare about two pages of study notes. Please comment on how the selected passage intersects with your life.

My Books

The characters who live within the pages of my stories reflect some of the interesting people I have met in my various careers and travels. Some may resemble people who sit with you in church or at the coffee shop.

An interim pastor narrates these stories, a role that I have enjoyed.

Tech Advice

Check out the free or inexpensive tools I have found.


Some people eat merely to live, I love the taste and texture of food. I hope you will also enjoy making and eating some of my favorites.