One Calling

I find the process of boarding a plane perplexing. As soon as seating rows are called passengers dash for the head of the line, as if being a few steps closer might get them to their destination a few seconds sooner, or perhaps their carry-on items might find a better position in the overhead storage rack.

What if instead of striving to get one’s self quickly boarded passengers could be oriented to getting everyone seated and everyone’s baggage stowed?

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Spiritual Gardening

Everywhere I have lived I we have had a garden. They have varied by where we live. In upstate New York we had planted crocuses beside our front walk as soon as the snow melted they would pop up and bloom announcing the coming of spring. In central Indiana two white pines we had planted behind our home had grown tremendously since we left, now providing shade to that house. We brought our container gardens with us to Florida and merely days after planting the seeds had sprouted.

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Us and Them

I suppose people have always separated into factions: those like us versus those other people.

The news media seems to relish showing differences between Republicans and Democrats, even highlighting rifts within each party. Is a particular candidate conservative enough or liberal enough to be true to their party? Or has a particular candidate’s remark gone too far, serving more to excite an extreme segment of their party?

I will have more to say about this passage on Sunday, July 19th, 2015.


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Blessing All

Thank you for reading my blog this week. Your participation in my ministry by reading and occasionally telling me how my writings have affected your life and spiritual journey have been a real blessing to me.

May God bless you and your life this day, so that you may grow stronger in our Lord Jesus.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
— Ephesians 1:2

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Travel Light

A summer spent hiking in New Mexico and canoeing in Maine was the acme of my scouting experience. For two separate weeks I and a few of my friends traveled with no more than we could carry on our backs in very rugged places far from the rush of civilization. To prepare for these trips we learned to leave behind anything that we would not need. Every ounce mattered. Anything extra would be a distraction and burden for what lies ahead.

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Whenever I read the Bible I recognize intersections between my life and in the world around me. For nearly two years this blog captured some of the intersections that I recognized.

Bible Study

Take a look over my shoulder as I prepare this week’s sermon. Each week I prepare about two pages of study notes. Please comment on how the selected passage intersects with your life.

My Books

The characters who live within the pages of my stories reflect some of the interesting people I have met in my various careers and travels. Some may resemble people who sit with you in church or at the coffee shop.

An interim pastor narrates these stories, a role that I have enjoyed.

Tech Advice

Check out the free or inexpensive tools I have found.


Some people eat merely to live, I love the taste and texture of food. I hope you will also enjoy making and eating some of my favorites.